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The Family Fight...

Planning to avoid it


Read real testimonials from some of our clients who have found help through inheritance issues, will disputes and estate battles by reading The Family Fight… Planning to avoid it.

“Talking about this subject with my mom is impossible. I know what’s going to happen when she passes away – WWIII. I got your book and sent it to her. I hope she’ll read it and wake up before it’s too late.”


“Great section on organizing your affairs. Your organization checklist is something I’ve been looking for.”


“Congratulations on a very timely book, I can really relate to what you have to say. I especially can relate to what you said about dealing with a care-giving child. I cried when reading the story about the caregiver who didn’t attend her niece’s wedding because she was so hurt. I too am hurt and feel that I was used by my siblings. I helped mom all those years and they didn’t. I didn’t even get a thank you.

Also, all parents should heed your advice and not assume good will between their children.

Your book should be required reading for all parents. They should know what can really happen to their family.”


Goldhawk Fights Back

Goldhawk fights Back

“Wills lawyer Les Kotzer is the guru of wills.”
Dale Goldhawk – Goldhawk Fights Back for You AM 740 Zoomer Radio

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Nov, 2013

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Feb 2014

The Family Fight … Planning to avoid it made available for sale ONLINE in Digital format

Coming 2014

A new book by Barry Fish and Les Kotzer, The Wills Lawyers… Their Stories of Money, Inheritance, Family, Greed and Betrayal.


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