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Wills and Estates Lawyers, Barry Fish and Les Kotzer are frequent guests on TV and Radio across North America, appearing on CNN, Fox, CityTV, Zoomer Radio, National Public Radio and many other programs.  They have also been featured in publications such as Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Good Housekeeping and Money Magazine.

Wills Lawyers Barry Fish and Les Kotzer have co-authored four books. Click on the book icons below for more information about each book.

Book 2
Book 3

Wills lawyers Barry Fish and Les Kotzer have also prepared four helpful audio seminars for you to listen to.
The set includes important information about:
1. Power of Attorney
2. Appointing an Executor
3. Duties of an Executor
4. Bad Planning Assumptions

You can order and download the seminars individually for $1.99 each or you can download the entire set of four for $7.99. To download and listen to these seminars, go to our Order Page.

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