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The Family Fight... Planning to avoid it


“The book offers common sense plainly written advice”

– “New York Times”

“Les Kotzer is quickly becoming the most sought after Wills and inheritance specialist in North America.”

– “The Windsor Star”

“There is one book that is just the thing to bring sanity to this picture, and it made me a believer in preparation and prevention as the cure. It is called the Family Fight and is appropriately subtitled ‘planning to avoid it’.”

– “Seattle Times”

“The book can help families prevent estate battles…Kotzer’s book is written for ordinary people not attorneys.”

– “Chicago Sun-Times”

“I can honestly tell you that nobody addresses the topic of families and inheritance with more sensitivity, compassion or understanding than Les Kotzer.  My listeners loved him.”

– “John Rothmann, ABC Affiliated
KGO Newstalk 810 San Francisco “

The Family Fight in the Media

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