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Grandchildren Clean Out House Looking for Fortune

I heard you on a radio station today and I thought about my wife’s family and the big mess they’re going to have when their father dies. He is sort of a laid back, whatever happens will happen type. One of his kids is a ‘get what I can at any cost’ type.

There is a farm, and mineral rights, and antiques, and sentimental stuff that are going to rip them apart when he dies. And then throw in his new lady-friend who he found after their mother died who has already collected from three previous man-friends who died on her watch.

I’m thinking I may need to buy this book.

As for me I don’t have a pony in this race. We don’t want, or need anything from the estate, but I am worried about what will happen to the rest of the heirs and their relations.

And now a story about a family fight…

My Grandmother was a hoarder, she saved everything. She was a young woman during the depression, so she thew nothing away. She would save cottage cheese containers and use them as Tupperware, or bread sacks as ziplocks. So her cupboards and attic and garage were quite a clutter of stuff that should have been in a landfill.

When my Grandmother was on her deathbed, she knew she was going, and she knew the personalities of all the people gathered around. She told everyone that there was a large amount of money hidden in her house, and then winked at me.

That house was cleaned out in record time. My brother, who was her care-taker of sorts, knew where the “fortune” of $2000 was, and took great pleasure in watching the other members of the “family” clean out the house for the estate sale, looking for the money.

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