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Sister Disregards Father’s Dying Wish And Divides Family

My father passed away in December some years ago. My father knew that he had had only a couple of months to live.

On the way to see my mother who was also dying we stopped to have lunch with my father, at that time he told us he was dying and started to talk about his wishes.

He wanted to sell his car and have the monies divided amongst all 4 girls. He then proceeded to tell me that my older sister was the executor and her husband (my brother in -law) but advised me that he had taken him out and put my name in with my oldest sister as executor (my older sister had filed for divorce).

In the long term he passed away and we had to clean his apartment and do all the work very quickly. My older sister (executor 1) did the paper work for over the next months. Unfortunately she could not complete this with out me because I was also the executor so the bank hung onto all the funds until I went to sign these.

In the end there was a somewhat large amount from his pension. The monies we had received from the car had already been split 4 ways.

We all are very close and did well with splitting the mementos and the money from the car sale.

The bank had advised us that they would divide the monies between my sister and I (as we requested) for us to divide between the other two sisters, one here with me and the other with my oldest sister.

Unfortunately things began to worsen over the last few weeks.

My older sister and (executor 1) wanted me to only give my other sister a little bit and send the remainder back to her for all her hard work.

I advised her I could not lie to my sister and that I would be giving her, her share.

Also she wanted to withhold funds that she was to share with my sister.

I advise her that that would be breaking the law and that it was also against my dad’s wishes as to the will.

It just goes to show if your a great family and get along money can really split your family.

I feel sorry for my husband ‘s mother who will pass away soon. My husband and his sister will be left with everything to share which is probably 10 times more than we had to worry about…. He’s now thinking about how bad it will be (from my story).

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