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Probate Court Exacerbates Family’s Nightmare

Where do I start? I came from a family of 13 offspring. We were very close. I am #7. I was chosen by my father to be his personal representative. The jealousy and greed took over, nine siblings turned against me and two sisters stood by me Because of all the fighting, the judge took the position away from me and gave it to one of his cronies (friends). This attorney took advantage of the feud, perpetuated it, and raped my father’s estate.

By the time he took over, a year after my father passed, I had most of it done. He stretched it out with frivolous hearings and motions, played one side against the other, let his auctioneers go into my father’s house and take whatever they wanted. He failed to collect a $10,000 note from my sister and the judge looked the other way. I could go on and on. He ended up with $20,000 of my father’s money. Our family will never repair. Not after the harassment, the horrible things they said to me, left on my answering machine, voice mail, and work fax machine. But the Probate Court and the attorneys did not help, in fact, the took advantage of us.

We were emotionally distressed from losing our Dad, they should have been the rational and reasonable ones. It would take me a week to fill you in on the disgusting things this attorney got away with. It is legalized thievery. The judges and attorneys are all in bed together. I hope you have a chapter in your book about the Probate Court system, the attorneys and alternatives. I could not even find an attorney to sue him after it was all over.

JK Adrian, MI

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