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Children Rebel Against Mother After Father’s Death

My Father passed away Easter morning 2002 leaving behind his wife of 56 years and 10 children with an extensive Will in place covering farms/acreage and monetary assets. A brother and sister were named as co-executors. Things turned ugly within 3 short months.

My Dad left the estate in two parts:
1) My mother’s interest/estate and
2) the ten children’s estate.
The greed and ugliness toward our Mother began when it was determined that she has holdings (deeds in particular) in her name or joint ownership that the co-executors and other instigators felt she was not entitled to because “Dad’s intent” was not to leave her THAT much! Keep in mind that provisions were in place for assets to be divided among the (10) ten children of the “children’s estate”. Upon my Mother’s passing her Will/estate is written to be divided ten ways also. However, that is not good enough for the greedy and ungrateful.

To give you more details, my parents had completed their estate planning in 1994 where upon my Mother gave up her rights/holdings and agreed to two large/expensive farms to go into Trusts to be divided among the children (that still was not good enough for the greedy and ungrateful). They began their ugly march upon my Mother demanding that a Post Nuptial Agreement that was signed meant that she was to sign over everything except the 165 acre farm were she resides. There has been intimidation and alienation that I won’t go into because it is too shameful. Instead of working with her to help in running and maintaining the farms (in her name) the greedy and ungrateful monsters have felt righteous in the stance of making our Mother feel unworthy. They are so afraid that she might spend money on a brother that has a drinking problem and a sister that is a single parent who is unemployed, however, this sister is there for my Mother to help her out with loving/caring support, etc.

This is a current ongoing drama that is being played out and will go on for months. Thank goodness, my Mother has a good estate attorney to protect her rights and dignity.

It is one sad tale when money overrides decency and respect for your own Mother! Money can be the root of all evil when it is allowed to overshadow the basic God given Commandment of honoring your parent(s). Is there a Commandment somewhere about parents need to honor their children?

I definitely need to buy your book. I don’t know if it can help my Mother at this point, however, it could be helpful for me perhaps.

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