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Divided They Fall: Acrimony Over Grandmother’s Will “Explodes” Family

I heard your show on the radio Friday. I have seen a family explode and dissolve before my eyes and wish that there was something that could have been done at the time.

Grandma’s will was revealed 4 months before she died and her children all ganged up on one sibling to have the will changed in her dying days. Grandma would say whatever her current visitor wanted to hear to try and keep everyone happy. In the end they all accused each other of lying and still to this day behave like adolescents when they see each other. People who are Granparents giving each other obscene gestures in grocery store parking lots.

The sad thing is they are so selfish they don’t see what they’ve done to the next generation. Having been first generation in this country they were the only family they all had. My children have a whole family they will never know. There is very little forgiveness in their vocabulary.

I appeal to anyone and everyone to do what you can to avoid this kind of situation.

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