Woman With Disability

My father died in 1991, (and) said he was leaving his money to my stepmother on the understanding that she give what's left to me and my brother. She died last December, and left her estate to be divided equally between me, my brother, and her surviving husband. 

They are both well off financially and get a lump sum. I'm on disability and am to receive a 20 year annuity, which will cut off my disability benefits, prescription coverage, and make me more poor than I am now. She did not adopt me, so I don't think the Wills Variation Act will apply.

I heard the author of the book on the radio this morning talking about the bitterness that ensues from this type of situation, and I can assure it's all true. I am so furious about this I don't even want to speak to my brother and his family again.

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